What’s cookin'?

Mon, Apr 5th, 2021 @ 12:34pm
Kitchen or kitchenette? Too big, too small, or just right?

When apartment shopping, one term you might notice is kitchenette. Maybe you’re thinking all you’ll have room for is a hot plate, a tiny sink and cooking in a space smaller than a coat closet. This really isn’t always the case, but if you DO enjoy cooking and entertaining, you might consider a full-size kitchen.

Here’s the main differences between the two.

A full-size kitchen means just that. Your refrigerator will be from 30-36 inches wide and about 67-70 inches high, and 35 inches deep. Oven/stove will be 22 inches long and around 30-33 inches wide. Dishwashers may or may not be included. You will have a larger amount of counter space along with a bit more storage in your full-size kitchen.

Over all your full-size kitchen will be more functional and easier to move around especially if you like to cook and entertain. Naturally, keeping your kitchen clean will take a bit more time.

You will likely pay more for your apartment with a full-size kitchen and utilities may run higher as well.

The kitchenette typically will have a half-sized stove and smaller oven, less counter and workspace and like a bit less storage. This is perfect for people who don’t cook a lot or hold dinner parties regularly. Of course, this will make clean-up a snap and give you more time to do other things.

Ultimately the best way to choose whether to go full-size or kitchenette is to consider your lifestyle. Do you enjoy trying out new recipes, fixing meals for a large group and pull out all the stops for holiday meals or are you more of a convenient, take-out, one pot sort of chef? Either way, one of these set ups with fit your lifestyle. Bon appetite!